Michael Vick, Puppy Enemy #1, DMX Puppy Enemy #2!

Click here to see video clips of victimized pitbulls, dogfighting is for wimps. (Warning, very graphic)


Authorities say they found a dozen mistreated pitbulls at the Phoenix-area home of rapper DMX, including three carcasses and one that appeared to have been burnt. According to Jim Welte at MP3.com, “DMX has long had an association with pit bulls and dogfighting, having named his last three albums Grand Champ, Year of the Dog…Again, and The Definition of X: The Pick of the Litter.”

Reading about DMX and his album titles and covers after reading about Vick and Marbury makes me think that there is a pretty large group of wealthy young people who think that fighting pitbulls is an acceptable past time, and that is unfortunate. We can only pray that one of these men will be reformed and come out against dog fighting as a “sport” to help discourage more of our young men in America from thinking that it is a cool thing to do.

And we all know about Atlanta Falcon quarterback, Michael Vick’s, dog torture operation

And New York Knicks gaurd, Stephon Marbury, seeking to show support for Vick, said “From what I hear, Dog fighting is a sport”

And then, most unfortunately, Dr. R.L. White, the head of the NAACP in Atlanta, said that “Vick is not guilty of dogfighting charges”, “He added that his organization condemns dogfighting, but added that he didn’t understand the uproar over dogfighting when hunting deer and others animals is legal,” and that “someone is out to get [Vick].”

I believe that the NAACP is a decent organization, despite Dr. White’s unfortunate comments, and that the organization has a righteous mission to help Americans of African descent, but I do not believe that Vick is being treated too harshly or that he is innocent in any way.

Yesterday morning I heard another spokesman for the NAACP on ESPN radio who said he did not agree with what Dr. White said, but he added that Vick was being treated “more harshly” than other celebrities “like Lindsey Lohan” and that we all need to realize that Vick is “just a young man who made a mistake.”

THIS JUST IN!!!! –THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MISTAKE AND A BAD CHOICE, Vick made a CHOICE. A mistake is “I was at somebody’s house when they started a dog fight and they arrested me for being there,” that is not the same as the choice, “I chose to invest thousands of dollars in feeding, kenneling, training, torturing, fighting, and murdering dogs for entertainment and gambling profits.”

The situation for Michael Vick is a tragedy in the truest sense of the word.

He is a person who seemed to “have it all” in his professional life: $130million player contract +many million more in endorsements, incredible athletic ability that was supposed to revolutionize the National Football League. And yet clearly had NOTHING in his personal life, as “his boys” at home with the Kennel all flipped on him and even his parents let him down by not discouraging this behavior when they knew about it prior to him entering the NFL draft and potentially risking what was to be a $130 million dollar payday for their son.

Below are specifics on Vick’s charges quoted from MTV news .com:

“NFL star Michael Vick formally pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy Monday (August 27). He also accepted a deal with the federal government in hopes of a lenient sentence based on the charges stemming from his arrest for heading an illegal dogfighting operation.

Vick, 27, admitted in his plea that he funded Bad Newz Kennel and the gambling associated with the operation, and that he was part of the enterprise responsible for killing dogs that underperformed or were not fit to participate in fights.

In his plea, Vick did not admit to personally killing dogs or gambling on individual fights, although in legal papers filed last week, he admitted to participating in the killing of dogs that did not fight well.

He is scheduled to be sentenced December 10.”–MTVnews

For more on dog fighting in the US and how you can help save innocent dogs by buying a funny T-shirt, see Puppyenemy.com

icanhascheezburger.com bad grammar, cats, internet phenomenon.

Also new pictures of the boy posted on flickr.

Fine line between absurd megalomania and “actionable” slander…or not?

After reading the discussion going on at the WordPress Wank blog, here, I am rethinking my opinion about the whole “WordPress banned in Turkey” thing. I think some of the replies concerning WordPress Wank’s post(see above link), are right:

When you are running a large publishing venture as Matt is doing, and the attorney for a minor celebrity (or major religious leader, depending on who you ask…) mails you multiple letters asking you to uphold applicable US and international laws regarding slander and defamation of their client (see “cease and desist,” explained here.), the smart thing to do is to at least reply to one of their myriad attempts to warn you that they think they might have grounds to sue you, and if you’re really smart you might even request that the offending writers take corrective action or risk having their blog removed for “ACTIONABLE” (VERY IMPORTANT DISTINCTION HERE) SLANDER AND/OR DEFAMATION.

Failing to respond to what may be very serious charges that could cost your company large sums of money in defense fees and damages is just not a good plan. –While this Turkish stooge may not be the one that takes down WordPress for its failure to respond to actionable legal claims concerning it’s content providers, it’s a pretty safe bet that there is an attorney or 2 out there taking note of what has transpired here and he or she is probably more than a little sure that he just might squeeze a golden egg out of this place for him and his client with a little effort.

WordPress turns 2!

wordpresslogoFollow this link to read Matt’s post about his baby’s (WordPress’s) second birthday; it’s a nice little synopsis of what has been accomplished here in 2 short years and reading it I think helped me to appreciate how lucky we all are to be able to share our opinions with the world through this wonderful service.

All WordPress sites Blocked (Censored) in Turkey thanks to Adnan Oktar.

censorship hereMost Americans cannot even imagine the US government granting requests from individual citizens to block “slanderous” blogs from public view in the US, and yet the Turkish government has granted just such a request this week, resulting in the whole sale censorship of every page hosted on WordPress’ blog-filled servers.

Click here to read Matt’s post tracking this development and to see many great responses from within Turkey where he says Turkish citizens had been reading wordpress sites to the tune of 12 million page views a month prior to the ban.

Yep, it’s true, Turkish book author Adnan Oktar, who writes under the pen name, Harun Yahya, had his lawyer write one whiney letter to the Turkish government stating that a few bloggers on wordpress were “slandering” him, and now each of the over 1.3 million bloggers who publish through wordpress can no longer be read in the entire country of Turkey. That is ridiculous.

Also, If you missed the link above, click here to read a highly entertaining, but very real letter from that Turkish book author’s lawyer.

Hand-feeding Hummingbirds.

5 hand fed humming birdsI just had to share these photos of a woman in Louisiana hand-feeding her humming birds. Awesome. 🙂

hand fed humming birds in Louisiana

hand fed humming birds Louisiana

Mother gives birth to rare, naturally conceived identical quadruplets.

fetusA Canadian mother gave birth to 4 beautiful identical twins at a Montana hospital today. Doctors say that the chance of having naturally-conceived identical quadruplets is 1 in 13 million! I can’t even imagine, one baby is keeping our hands full as it is. Check out an article about it, and photos of the four new babies here.

Today is the 25th Anniversary of the CD!

CDHard to believe, but it has been 25 years since Sony and Phillips unveiled the world’s first optical disc. Here is a neat timeline describing the events that gave us the CD…

Food chain in action at Kruger National Park, amazing wildlife video!

I think most people have already seen or heard of this youtube video, but I still think it’s worth posting a link to it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. The video catches a pride of lions fighting with an Alligator over a young water buffalo, who survives the entire ordeal after her family comes back and saves her from almost certain death. The video is shocking and heartwarming, like a real live Disney story. Incredible. It was shot by a tourist on a sightseeing busride in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, and the footage he gets is more incredible than anything you have ever seen on National Geographic. It is the food chain in action, with a special heart-warming surprise ending.

click here to check it out.

30 years since Elvis Presley, “the King of Rock and Roll,” passed away…Photo tour of Graceland in July 2007, free of charge.

This week is the 30th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Thought I’d post some pictures that Chris took when he, mom, dad and Marisel visited Graceland last month on their way home from coming to see us and the boy here in West Tennessee.

Elvis GraveElvis Piano Room GracelandAztec Calendar Junmp suit Elvis Graceland

Elvis Presley, pink caddy

Graceland Elvis' Home, July 2007

Elvis Presley, Gold Record wall

Elvis Presley Jesus Christ grave monument