March Madness! Baby boy on Tennessee Game Day and cute 1930’s boy!

cute boy in golf hat coca-cola wagonNewest baby UT fan on gameday!

Here’s how you can help the tornado disaster relief effort in West Tennessee, from the Jackson Sun newspaper:

Here’s how to give or get storm assistance
The following is information on how to help and how to get help following Tuesday’s storms. If your organization has resources to add to this list for people who need help, or if you are having a fundraiser or benefit, send your information to

  • Charter Media/Communications along with 101.5 FM radio plan to produce a disaster relief telethon called West Tennessee Storm Relief Telethon to raise money for the tornado victims, according to a press release.

    It will air from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday on channel 19.It

    will be produced and fed live from the Charter Media Studio at 919 North Parkway in Jackson across the state to all Charter cable systems.All money pledged will go to the American Red Cross.

  • The West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation is collecting donations for the Disaster Relief Fund to help those who have suffered damage.”This is the same fund that we have used for the past three tornadoes,” said foundation president Frank McMeen.The fund collected more than $600,000 after the 2003 tornadoes and more than $100,000 after the 1999 tornado.For more information, call 660-8770. To donate, send checks to Disaster Relief Fund at West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation, 708 West Forest Avenue, Jackson, TN 38301.
  • Donations also may be made to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and sent to The American Red Cross Jackson Area Chapter, 1981 Hollywood Drive, Jackson, TN 38305.
  • Union University’s board of trustees has established a fund for designated gifts to be sent to Union University Disaster Relief Fund, 1050 Union University Drive, Jackson, TN 38305.
  • University officials also have established an emergency call center, according to call center will be staffed 24 hours a day for the near future at (731) 668-1818 or (731) 661-5000.People interested in helping on campus should check the Web site and regarding opportunities to help with cleanup.
  • Students who need temporary identification for air travel or to use as a driver’s license should call Linda Cone at 423-6622. The cost is $20 for out-of-state students or $8 for in-state students. Students will need to obtain an official letter from Union University with their name, date of birth and enrollment status. See Dottie Myatt in the Chi Omega house for that letter.
  • Students needing passports, driver’s licenses or any other identification should contact Jane Jolley in U.S. Sen. Bob Corker’s office at (731) 424-9655 or by e-mail at
  • Jackson Energy Authority said it expected all customers, except for those who live on Walker Road or in Huntersville, to have their electrical services restored by 10 p.m. Thursday. If you did not, call the JEA customer service line at 422-7500.
  • Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation expects everywhere except a few scattered outages to have power. If you still do not, call 1-888-440-1990.
  • The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army will work together to ensure each affected site has food for residents and volunteers. Call the Red Cross at 427-5543 to find out where feeding stations will be set up.
  • The Red Cross will set up a service center at the Ararat Baptist Church.
  • Donations of food, hygiene items and money are needed by the Red Cross. To donate, call (731) 427-5543. No clothing is needed at this time.
  • Dement Construction Company has begun removing debris that has been brought to the street. If you have debris at the street and need it removed, call 425-2489.
  • A list of potential volunteers was being collected through the Emergency Management Agency Phone Bank at 425-8362.
  • Volunteers who are trained in the use of chain saws for disaster relief should contact Randy Brown, of Disaster Relief for Madison County-Baptist Men’s Group, at (901) 485-0767.
  • Central Distributors is bringing several hundred cases of water to donate.
  • Rusken Packaging has agreed to donate and deliver boxes to residents. If you need boxes, call 423-4464.
  • The approved burn site for the county is Old Huntersville Gin property, which will accept wooded waste and vegetation only.
  • The approved burn site for the city is the Old City Concrete property on Ameristeel Road.
  • The city is waiving permit fees for any work done on tornado-damaged homes. However, before beginning work to repair the home, you must obtain a permit from the city Building Department on the second floor of City Hall. Call 425-8262.
  • A news release from the city of Jackson reminds residents to make sure that anyone who contacts you about performing any type of repair to your home or business has an active local business license and is properly bonded. Any contractor who does work that exceeds $25,000 must have a local business license and a general contractor’s license.
  • If you have damage to your home or business, you are encouraged to first contact your insurance carrier. If you do not have insurance, city officials recommend calling the Area Homebuilders Association at 423-6226.
  • For contractors/equipment, contact Susan White, of the city of Jackson, by e-mailing her at or faxing her at 265-1869.
  • Links to video of tornado destruction here in West Tennessee last Tuesday, particularly the destruction of 2 Union University dorms.

    From Jackson Sun dot com:
    Click here to see humbling photos of the tornado’s destruction and more.

    Click here to see videos of the incredible destruction.

    Best Photos and article about the Storm Damage at Union University, with Presifent of Union University, David Dockery. 

    More than 1,400 people have come to help Union University with its cleanup effort since last Tuesday’s devastating tornado demolished many homes, businesses and University buildings here in West Tennessee.

    (see pictures of dorms here -It is an absolute miracle that no one living in the dorms died.)

    Mike Huckabee takes lead in Iowa 2008 Presidential Election

    Mike Huckabee looking presidentialWith Chuck Norris on your side, who can be against you Mike Huckabee? (Read Chuck’s Endorsement here.)

    (Click to see Huckabee responding to Criticisms on Wolf Blitzer 11/05/2007)

    (Click to see Huckabee on CBS great interview to get to know Mike Huckabee 11/11/2007)

    (Click to see Huckabee on Chris Mathews, 11/08/2007)

    (Click to see Huckabee on Tucker Carlson, 11/14/2007)

    (See Youtube Chuck Norris Ad.)

    Wall Street Journal reporter, Laura Meckler Reports:

    “A new poll of Iowa Republicans released yesterday by Rasmussen Reports Inc., a polling firm, put Messrs. Huckabee and Romney neck and neck, with 28% favoring Mr. Huckabee and 25% favoring Mr. Romney. Mr. Giuliani, the national front-runner, is seen as too socially liberal for Iowans and received 12% support in the poll. Former Sen. Fred Thompson had 11% support and other candidates were in the single digits.

    This is the first major Iowa poll since July that hasn’t shown Mr. Romney in the lead, according to Real Clear Politics, a Web site that tracks voter surveys. The poll of 839 likely Republican caucus-goers had a margin of error of 3.5%.

    Mr. Huckabee’s surge is remarkable given how much he has been outspent. Mr. Romney has spent at least $3.5 million on television ads that have been running since February, according to independent estimates. Mr. Huckabee went on the air for the first time last week.”

    …”His campaign staff is growing but still tiny by presidential standards, with just 14 paid workers and a handful of full-time volunteers. Field directors who have carved up the state are still working to recruit county chairs and precinct captains. Boone County, north of Des Moines, has 16 precincts, but so far just four have captains for Mr. Huckabee.

    Write to Laura Meckler at

    Chuck Norris doesn't...




    Remember Veterans Today, and Intel announces “largest advance in 40 years” on Monday, 12 November 2007.

    microchip on fingertip

    –Visit this Veteran’s Day and send a little love and appreciation to a soldier who needs it.

    – is a year-round campaign to show our U.S. Military Men and Women, past and present, our appreciation for their sacrifices, dedication, and service to our country through our letters, emails, cards, prayers, and thoughts.

    –Voice of America on this year’s Veteran’s Day in Washington, D.C.

    –A nice article about Veteran’s Day’s evolution and troop casualties and injuries over the past Century.

    –By Sari N. Kent
    Staff Writer:

    –“Intel Corp. is poised to unveil its latest line of microchips, which are already receiving glowing reviews.

    According to the Wall Street Journal’s web site, “The company’s latest chips, being formally announced Monday…were built with new manufacturing materials. Intel is building transistors in the chips out of a material called hafnium instead of silicon dioxide, a mainstay of the industry since the 1960s.”

    The senior vice president and general manage of Intel’s mobility group is heralding the advance as one of the largest in 40 years.

    The Reuters web site further elaborates on the new chips. “Known by the project name Penryn (the first family of 45-nanometer chips in the world), the chips hold little in the way of fundamental design advances but are an important step in continuing the industry’s track record of delivering chips that get smaller and faster every two years or so… Penryn is the ‘tick’ in Intel’s ‘tick-tock’ strategy of shrinking an existing chip design to a smaller size, then following up the next year with an all-new blueprint, known as a microarchitecture.”

    With these chips, Intel looks to decrease chip size while increasing its speed. They will be sold under Intel’s Xeon and Core 2 brands and will be able to run software up to 15 percent faster.

    The Reuters web site also talked about what this will mean for the future of the company. “It cements Intel’s manufacturing lead over rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD.N: Quote, Profile, Research), which only started making chips on 65 nanometers earlier this year but plans to try to roll out 45 nanometer technology in 2008.””

    Bros., BBQ, & Babies: A Nice Weekend


    Halloween at our House.

    Nathan was an RN for his first Halloween. Mom made him some Thomas the Train Scrubs and a “Tiny Tots Health Care” photo ID badge, to go with a toy stethoscope; it was very cute. Maybe he will grow up to be a nurse like his mommy.

    cutest Baby Nurse ever!

    Here is the jack-o-lantern that Nathan and Mommy carved:

    Baby's 1st Jack-o-lantern

    Baby’s first Halloween.

    baby's firt pumpkin!Today Jennifer said she noticed that the closer we get to Halloween, the more the baby’s poo is starting to smell like the insides of a pumpkin, she then added, well, maybe that means it will start smelling like candycanes the closer we get to Christmas!

    chillin' at the Pumpkin Patch

    Only 88 days old, giant pumpkin!

    Air Force completes investigation into “loose nukes” it flew over US.

    I just read a good article explaining how the Air Force says it’s soldiers ended up flying a B-52 mounted with six nuclear-armed cruise missiles (each more powerful than 10 Hiroshimas according to the article’s author) from North Dakota to Louisiana on August 29, 2007. Click on these sentences to read it for yourself; very interesting, very sad, and very scary.

    power of 10 HiroshimasX6 flown over US by USAF