“Don’t Taze me Bro!” Watch video of University of Florida student journalist, Andrew Meyer, being Tasered for asking US Senator John Kerry the wrong question at a school Q and A session.

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Mr. Andrew Meyer, a University of Florida student journalist, was handcuffed and tasered after asking Senator John Kerry some questions during a structured Q and A session following Kerry’s speech in Gainesville on September 17, 2007.Wire Services report that Senator Kerry released a statement about the event on Tuesday, saying:

“In 37 years of public appearances, through wars, protests and highly emotional events, I have never had a dialogue end this way.” Kerry said. “I hope that neither the student nor any of the police were injured. I regret enormously that a good healthy discussion was interrupted.”


Interesting video of Congressman Ron Paul explaining Our Founders’ Constitution and the insidious transfer of wealth form poor and working class to Corps. and banks via “inflation tax” to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

Ron Paul explaining these things to Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke:

Recent news montage of sliding dollar and dangerous fiscal policy of Federal Reserve to protect banks:

Mike Huckabee seems like a good man.

With Chuck Norris on your side, who can be against you Mike Huckabee? (Read Chuck’s Endorsement here.)(Click to see Huckabee responding to Criticisms on Wolf Blitzer 11/05/2007)

(Click to see Huckabee on CBS great interview to get to know Mike Huckabee 11/11/2007)

(Click to see Huckabee on Chris Mathews, 11/08/2007)

(Click to see Huckabee on Tucker Carlson, 11/14/2007)

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Jesus Christ on the evils of Nationalism and War:

“In the former law it was said: “Do good to men of your own nation, and do evil to strangers.” But I tell you, love not only your own countrymen, but people of other nations. Let strangers hate you, let them fall upon you, wrong you; but you speak well of them, and do them good. If you are only attached to your countrymen, why, all men are thus attached to their own countrymen, and hence wars arise. Behave equally towards men of all nations, and you will be sons of the Father. All men are his children and therefore all brothers to you.” -Jesus Christ (Mt. v. 43)
(Click here for a link to Tolstoy’s The Kingom of Heaven is Within You, then read it, then readThe Gospel in Brief by Tolstoy as well Thank you.)

Thomas Jefferson Comments on Andrew Meyer’s arrest from the grave:

“When the government fears the people there is LIBERTY;
when the people fear the government there is TYRANNY.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Click here to see the Youtube video of University of Florida student Journalist, Andrew Meyer, being handcuffed and tasered for asking a question of US Senator John Kerry after a structured Q and A session in Gainesville, FL last week.

Michael Vick, Puppy Enemy #1, DMX Puppy Enemy #2!

Click here to see video clips of victimized pitbulls, dogfighting is for wimps. (Warning, very graphic)


Authorities say they found a dozen mistreated pitbulls at the Phoenix-area home of rapper DMX, including three carcasses and one that appeared to have been burnt. According to Jim Welte at MP3.com, “DMX has long had an association with pit bulls and dogfighting, having named his last three albums Grand Champ, Year of the Dog…Again, and The Definition of X: The Pick of the Litter.”

Reading about DMX and his album titles and covers after reading about Vick and Marbury makes me think that there is a pretty large group of wealthy young people who think that fighting pitbulls is an acceptable past time, and that is unfortunate. We can only pray that one of these men will be reformed and come out against dog fighting as a “sport” to help discourage more of our young men in America from thinking that it is a cool thing to do.

And we all know about Atlanta Falcon quarterback, Michael Vick’s, dog torture operation

And New York Knicks gaurd, Stephon Marbury, seeking to show support for Vick, said “From what I hear, Dog fighting is a sport”

And then, most unfortunately, Dr. R.L. White, the head of the NAACP in Atlanta, said that “Vick is not guilty of dogfighting charges”, “He added that his organization condemns dogfighting, but added that he didn’t understand the uproar over dogfighting when hunting deer and others animals is legal,” and that “someone is out to get [Vick].”

I believe that the NAACP is a decent organization, despite Dr. White’s unfortunate comments, and that the organization has a righteous mission to help Americans of African descent, but I do not believe that Vick is being treated too harshly or that he is innocent in any way.

Yesterday morning I heard another spokesman for the NAACP on ESPN radio who said he did not agree with what Dr. White said, but he added that Vick was being treated “more harshly” than other celebrities “like Lindsey Lohan” and that we all need to realize that Vick is “just a young man who made a mistake.”

THIS JUST IN!!!! –THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MISTAKE AND A BAD CHOICE, Vick made a CHOICE. A mistake is “I was at somebody’s house when they started a dog fight and they arrested me for being there,” that is not the same as the choice, “I chose to invest thousands of dollars in feeding, kenneling, training, torturing, fighting, and murdering dogs for entertainment and gambling profits.”

The situation for Michael Vick is a tragedy in the truest sense of the word.

He is a person who seemed to “have it all” in his professional life: $130million player contract +many million more in endorsements, incredible athletic ability that was supposed to revolutionize the National Football League. And yet clearly had NOTHING in his personal life, as “his boys” at home with the Kennel all flipped on him and even his parents let him down by not discouraging this behavior when they knew about it prior to him entering the NFL draft and potentially risking what was to be a $130 million dollar payday for their son.

Below are specifics on Vick’s charges quoted from MTV news .com:

“NFL star Michael Vick formally pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy Monday (August 27). He also accepted a deal with the federal government in hopes of a lenient sentence based on the charges stemming from his arrest for heading an illegal dogfighting operation.

Vick, 27, admitted in his plea that he funded Bad Newz Kennel and the gambling associated with the operation, and that he was part of the enterprise responsible for killing dogs that underperformed or were not fit to participate in fights.

In his plea, Vick did not admit to personally killing dogs or gambling on individual fights, although in legal papers filed last week, he admitted to participating in the killing of dogs that did not fight well.

He is scheduled to be sentenced December 10.”–MTVnews

For more on dog fighting in the US and how you can help save innocent dogs by buying a funny T-shirt, see Puppyenemy.com