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  1. I’m writing an article for The HenryCountian.com on where the hummingbirds are this year. We’re in west Tennessee (Paris) and everyone has MUCH fewer hummingbirds at their feeders this year.
    Do you have any info or guesses as to what happened to the hummingbirds this year?

    • it was like this for me no humming birds but a month in a half ago they started coming back i have three of them now. it said on this website site that they our nesting, just wait and they will be back and sure enough they came back.

  2. WOW! That’s awesome!

  3. I think humming birds should be taken care more than usual and be fed more.There should not be any cats at all..It is possible that they might be eaten.My cousin and i once saved a baby hummingbird about to be eaten by a cat!!!!!!!!!!

  4. its as cute as can be

  5. HI i love hummingbirds to

  6. Wow!!
    I have a hard time catching site of my birds at the feeder:)

  7. What time of the day is best for hummingbirds to come to feeders?

  8. Since I have become disabled I have taken a long hard look around me. Much to my supprise I’ve found many birds which I enjoy watching. It is with no less love that the humming bird is my favorite. These pictures are fantastic and shows the reason why!

  9. I enjoy the bird’s soooo much. I have a feeder that sticks to the window in my kitchen. So I had the back door opened,while I was cooking,one flew in the house flying around, went to the window trying to fly out, All of his friend’s were outside trying to help him get out. They all made this funny noise. We were trying to help,but didn’t want to hurt him. Well after some time he flew out side. Seeing them outside sitting on a branch yelling at each other, was the wildest thing we ever saw.

    They start eating about 7-9am 5-7pm

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