Super Mario Theme on two guitars at once. nice.

Zack Kim playing the theme from Super Mario brothers on two Ibanez guitars…

and ‘Blue Bossa,’…

Cesar Huesca playing Van Halen’s Eruption…

Meet Matt Rach…17 year old guitar God from Paris

Below is a sweet Jimi Hendrix Medley he recorded, click here to see all his videos.

Cesar Huesca is a bad man…Best Guitarist in Mexico, Bar none.

Tight, clean version of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Little Wing:

Click here to see all of Cesar Huesca’s videos…he does incredible versions of songs by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Little Wing, Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption, Paul Gilbert’s ‘Technical Difficulties,’ Eric Johnson’s Manhattan, Jerry C’s Cannon Rock and songs by John Petrucci, and others as well…also, he tells about his guitar gear and effects setup so you guitar geeks can all try to get the tones he gets, very cool.

Cesar’s version of Jerry C’s Cannon Rock (originally by Pachelbel):

Cesar’s AMAZING playing on ‘Technical Difficulties,’ by Paul Gilbert:

Person John Petrucci
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I like this Youtube video from 1975: Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed Jamming “Jerry’s Breakdown”

Jerry Reed’s “Jerry’s Breakdown,” played by Tommy Gauthier and Antoine Dufour: Four handed Guitar virtuosity. Awesome.

David Lee Roth led Van Halen Tour Dates Announced for 2007!

I am not ashamed to admit that I am excited about this. I grew up playing my guitar everyday, pretending I was Eddie and David Lee Roth. I never thought we would see David Lee Roth perform with them again, that is what makes this so cool; Van Halen minus David Lee Roth was never REALLY Van Halen. It would be cool to get to see them live in concert at least once before I die and this may be my only chance. Unfortunately, the closest they are coming is St. Louis, MO on October 28. You can see the full tour schedule here, the tickets go on sale Saturday, August 18.