It was a little cold out the other day; but the new camera still worked pretty well, here’s the proof.

Marching to his own drummer!!!!!

Baby Boy walking on his first birthday.

baby boy walking on his first birthday

baby boy walking on his first birthday

Baby boy’s baby blues on his first birthday

Baby’s first swim!

baby's first swim!

Baby enjoys his first ride on the swing set!

baby on swing set

Re-run blog! Baby’s first Christmas, again.

…recently came across this picture again, but this time found the obvious hope, joy, and optimism in my son’s eyes to be overwhelming. I am a very lucky man. Thank God.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas…

Cutest boy in the world.

My son is the cutest boy on Earth. 🙂

cute baby boy!

Getting Ready for Baby!

Welcome to Eric’s new blog. In an effort to keep our friends and family up to date with all of our baby news, I decided to start a blog. Hope you all enjoy peeking in on our little slice of paradise from time to time and your feedback and contact is greatly appreciated….now for the good stuff:

Ready or not…

…here he comes!

Baby’s first picture:

We are so excited and can’t wait to meet you son!