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  1. He is one of the best guitarist I have heard in a LO0000000000NG time! We will be hearing many more get tunes from this kid! Love ya Matt!

  2. I think you should check out 13 year old Calvin Prior, he has been only playing for 3 years and is self taught , he is 4 years younger than Mattrach and is getting better every day!!!!!

  3. matt is a ledgend in his own life time! hes not from paris hes from a small village in the north of france, @ 17 he became the youngest artist sponsered by fender guitars and 1 of just 6 artist sponsered by them in all of france. he has rewritten how you become a world wide star in this day and age, now over 35 originals on youtube where plays all instruments, more subs than vai, satch, yngwie, petrucci, gilbert, you name them he has more subs than any of the guitar gods, just 18 he has over 80,000,000 total views on all his videos @ this point, he has no equal his age alive, hes a true musical genius, that plays 8 instruments, he wants to be seen as a musician 1st, not a gun slinging axe master, he is the future, blessing us with an amazing amount of music, 2 date and much more 2 come, go sub him now on youtube if you havent yet you wont b sorry!

  4. Wow get off his dick Suntzu!!!

  5. Cat you 😛

  6. I agree with suntzu! Matt is amazing! And for the record as long as he plays like that i will gladly get on his dick!!!

  7. i cannot believe im hearing of mattrach NOW!….he is one hell of a musician.

  8. this guy is freakingg amazeing..!! 🙂 ❤

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