Cesar Huesca playing Van Halen’s Eruption…

Who has recorded the BEST cannon rock video? YouTube phenomenon challenges guitar geeks everywhere.

Click below to see The original video recording played from a dorm room in Australia by South Korean College student, Lim Jeong-hyun, is played to ‘Jerry C’s rock and roll arrangement of Pachelbel’s ubiquitous Cannon and was posted by “FunTwo,” on YouTube in 2005, and it started the craze and has become YouTube’s seventh most watched video of all time (read more here):

Matt Rach’s version:

Cesar Huesca’s Version:

Amazing Guitarist, Cesar Huesca plays ‘Technical Difficulties,’ by Paul Gilbert…

This is the most impressive playing I have ever seen:

Jerry Reed’s “Jerry’s Breakdown,” played by Tommy Gauthier and Antoine Dufour: Four handed Guitar virtuosity. Awesome.