WordPress turns 2!

wordpresslogoFollow this link to read Matt’s post about his baby’s (WordPress’s) second birthday; it’s a nice little synopsis of what has been accomplished here in 2 short years and reading it I think helped me to appreciate how lucky we all are to be able to share our opinions with the world through this wonderful service.

2 Responses

  1. Actually it skips a lot, doesn’t mention a lot of the broken things around here, makes no mention of the dozen or so folks who cover their asses in the support forums, etc.

    It’s just another example of Matt going “Look at me! I’m so great!” while ignoring the real issues and problems of wp.com.

  2. It’s Your Birthday
    It’s Your Birthday,
    and You Have So Much
    to Celebrate!

    You are
    a little wiser today,
    truer to yourself,
    and more confident
    and comfortable
    than you were
    the year before.

    You are stronger and deeper
    on the inside
    because of the experiences
    life has given you.
    You are softer around the edges
    because of the things
    you have let go of along the way.
    You are clearer about the dreams
    and your purpose,
    and richer because of the laughter,
    love, and friendship
    you have shared…
    And the gifts you have gathered
    just make you
    all the more beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to you

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