ESPN parent ABC has no problem with anchorwoman Dana Jacobson’s “F___ Jesus” comment at their event.

(Photo of ESPN Anchorwoman, Dana Jacobsen swigging Grey Goose Vodka as she prepared to make her now infamous “F___ Jesus” comment at a recent company sponsored event to “roast” Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic of “Mike and Mike in the Morning.” Courtesy of The Big Lead)

ESPN’s parent company, ABC, made news recently for firing Grey’s Anatomy star, Isaiah Washigton, after he used a well known anti-homosexual slur that starts with “f” in referring to a homosexual member of the show’s cast. ABC is in the news again for not similarly punishing ESPN anchorwoman, Dana Jacobsen, for her anti-Christian, “F___ Notre Dame, F___ Touchdown Jesus and F___ Jesus!” statement at a ESPN/ABC sponsored event on January 11, 2008 in Atlantic City, N.J.

Why would ABC have a double standard that allows for anti-Christian bigotry among it’s employees at its company sponsored events, yet punishes other employees with termination (see Isaiah Washington) for bigotry against homosexuals expressed in a private setting? (that private setting by no means making the slur Washington used acceptable, but makes the lack of disciplinary action against Jacobson in the case of her drunken public bigotry all the more perplexing.)

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