Given so much, time to give back.

So, the boy came with no hitches and so far so good. Having a son really makes you reflect on your place in the world and changes how you see yourself. It is one thing to leave home and graduate college and get a job and get married, but it is something entirely different and more important to have a child. It is the true gateway to “real manhood,” in my opinion. It has me thinking a lot more about my local community and how I can start to participate more. My new hobby is looking for community service opportunities and getting to know and understand the local institutions. I think we could all benefit from worrying less about national and international news and focusing more energy on getting to know our local community and it’s needs.

boy scout logoOne organization that I am sure always needs volunteer help and that really helps a community is the Boy Scouts of America. Though I certainly did not fully appreciate it at the time, Boy Scouts gave me countless opportunities to test myself and learn to be an effective leader and follower and about how to be a good man. With that thought in mind, I looked up the local boyscout district and found this great website for West Tennessee Boyscout troops and their ongoing scheduled events.