John Stewart’s Daily Show form September 3, 2008: “The Sarah Palin Gender Card”…Politicians, “Newsmen,”Hypocrisy and double standards on tape…funny.

Politicians being politicians, speaking out of both sides of their mouths:  (click here to watch, sad and funny), click here to watch this very entertaining collection of prominent politicos (Karl Rove, Dick Morris, and Bill O’Reilly to name 3 of the exposed) caught speaking out of both sides of their mouths and generally being hypocrites…click here to watch the video.

17 Teen girls at one Boston-area high school make good on pact to get pregnant, school nurses resign after advocating providing contraceptives

Found this troubling article here:

A group of teenage girls at Gloucester High School formed a pact to get pregnant and raise their children together, according to a report in the latest issue of Time magazine.

By May, school officials had discovered 17 girls — none older than 16 years old — were pregnant, more than four times the number who got pregnant in the last school year. But principal Joseph Sullivan told Time that between October and May, an unusual number of girls were visiting the school clinic to get pregnancy tests. They found that nearly half of the students admitted to making the pact.

Sullivan reportedly said “some girls seemed more upset when they weren’t pregnant than when they were,” and that some “reacted to the news that they were pregnant with high fives and plans for baby showers.”

“We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy,” the principal told the magazine.

The situation also led to a nurse practitioner and the clinic’s medical director resigning after they advocated prescribing contraceptives to students. The town’s school committee is expected to vote later this summer on the idea of providing such contraceptives.