Sitting Tennessee Governor, Democrat Phil Bredesen visited our little town of Medina last week…

A sitting governor of Tennessee visited our tiny hamlet of Medina, TN, For the first time ever this past Friday.  The governor was in town to present a check to Medina City mayor, Vance Coleman:

The Jackson Sun described the event, here (click to read whole article) is an excerpt:

“MEDINA – The city of Medina could have two new recreation facilities built by October 2009, thanks to $460,000 in grant money.

Advertisement Gov. Phil Bredesen presented a check for the money Friday afternoon while standing in the grassy field of the future Medina Sports Complex, located next to Medina Middle School.

“This is something the community has a need for,” Bredesen said after the presentation. “This is also an opportunity to invest in smaller communities in the state.”

Medina received a $400,000 Local Park and Recreation Fund grant for development of the Medina Sports Complex, which includes land acquisition, ballfield development, a concession/restroom facility and parking. The city also received a $60,000 Recreation Trails Program grant for the Medina multi-use trail.

According to preliminary specs, the complex will have four baseball fields, two soccer fields and a playground.

Medina Mayor Vance Coleman said the complex has been in the planning stages for four years and that the city is thankful to receive the grants.

“The grants make it so that small cities like Medina can complete projects when they might not otherwise be able to,” Coleman said. “This is something we need to enhance the quality of life in Medina.”

Medina Alderman Terry Shelton added, “This project will give every citizen of Medina something to do, from the babies on up.”

Coleman said the specs for the project are awaiting approval by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development division.

“Once it is approved, it will be put out for bids,” Coleman said. “We hope to have this completed by this time next year.”…”