“Hyper Milers” claim to get 100+miles per gallon out of contemporary hybrids (in USA Today article today.)

100 mpg? For ‘hypermilers,’ that sounds about right

…Saw this article in USA Today today (click here to read whole article), thought it was interesting and with $4.00+ per gallon gas(current US avg. price is $4.072/gal. according to AAA), we could all use a few gas saving tips…

an excerpt:

“…After a 29-mile jaunt from his Phoenix office to his home here, Louis Hudgin proclaimed his gas mileage “pitiful.” He averaged just 88.3 miles per gallon (in a 2000 Honda Insight Hybrid)…Hudgin’s disappointment – he usually averages about 100 mpg this time of year…He’s a hypermiler, part of a loose-knit legion of commuters who’ve made racking up seemingly unatainable mpg an art. And a Sport…”

Some “Hypermiler” websites for us to explore:

CleanMPG.com, Greenhybrid.com, Hypermiling.com, 100 Tips to save gas