One of George Washington’s wishes for his American people…

“…As mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of government.  I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.” –GEORGE WASHINGTON

Here is a short list of Current Legislation which seeks to break the ‘Separation of Church and State’ in the United States. Contact your public officials today and let them know how you feel about such unAmerican legislation.

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S.3683 The Mt. Soledad Easter Cross in San Diego, California, immediate acquisition of the Christian Easter Cross by the United States.’
S.3683 A bill to acquire the Mt. Soledad Easter Cross in San Diego, CA, by providing for the immediate acquisition of the Christian Icon by the United States
S.1765 OPPOSE S. 1765 and Stop the Rebuilding of Churches and Vouchers
S.1504 Stop the Boradband Investment & Consumer Choice Act
S.520 ‘A bill to limit the jurisdiction of Federal courts in cases involving god(s)
S.RES.483 ‘A resolution recognizing the first weekend of May 2008 as “Ten Commandments Weekend”.
S.J.RES.1 Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment
S.J.RES.1 Stop The Same Sex Discrimination Amendment
H.R.5683 ‘To preserve the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial in San Diego, California, by providing for the immediate acquisition of the memorial by the United States.’
H.R.4364 ‘To require everyone to pay all elected and appointed officials to engage in public prayer.’
H.R.3920 ‘To allow Congress to reverse the judgments of the United States Supreme Court.’
H.R.3190 ‘To safeguard our religious liberties.’
H.R.2679 Republicans want to stop constitutionally protected expression of religion
H.R.2123 Stop Congress From Passing The Madrassas Readiness Act
H.R.2028 ‘To amend title 28, United States Code, with respect to the jurisdiction of Federal courts over certain cases and controversies involving the Pledge of Allegiance.’
H.R.1070 Eliminates Jurisdiction of Federal Courts In Cases Involving God.
H.R.699 Stop H.R. 699
H.R.27 Oppose federally funded religious discrimination
H.RES.888 Stop the Pro-Christianity Resolution
H.RES.888 Stop H. Res. 888, the Pro-Christianity Resolution
H.RES.598 Supporting the goals of the Ten Commandments Commission and congratulating such Commission and its supporters for their key role in promoting and ensuring recognition of the Ten Commandments as the cornerstone of Western law.
H.J.RES.7 ‘Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to voluntary school prayer.’
H.CON.RES.12 ‘Requiring the display of the Ten Commandments in the United States Capitol.