Patriots and Belichik fined. lose draft picks for cheating.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goddell finally handed down the punishment for the New England Patriot’s cheating against the Jets last Sunday. The New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick were fined a total of $750,000 and the team might lose a first-round draft pick for spying on New York Jets coaches during a game. Good for Mr. Goddell, he has once again done the right thing. Refreshing….does this taint the Patriot dynasty? They probably woudn’t have won a single super bowl were it not for stealing signs…or at least that’s what I heard. 🙂 …but then again, Keyshawn Johnson said that, although the league rules specifically banned video taping signs (as described here), he considers what was done “advanced scouting” that doesn’t give them an edge over any other team, and is not really cheating.

When you think about Keyshawn said, I want you to also consider this point made by an e-mailer to Colin Cowherd today: It is “legal” to count cards in your head at a blackjack tabel in Vegas, but as soon as you introduce any sort of video equipment and outside analysis in your counting, you are immediately banned from the casino….interesting point….good job Roger. 🙂