Karen Apricot’s New Orleans “Jesus Please visit soon” photo. (click on photos to see entire New Orleans photo collection)

New Orleans 2007-8, by Karen ApricotKaren Apricot New Orleans Photo set at Flickr

Links to video of tornado destruction here in West Tennessee last Tuesday, particularly the destruction of 2 Union University dorms.

From Jackson Sun dot com:
Click here to see humbling photos of the tornado’s destruction and more.

Click here to see videos of the incredible destruction.

Best Photos and article about the Storm Damage at Union University, with Presifent of Union University, David Dockery. 

More than 1,400 people have come to help Union University with its cleanup effort since last Tuesday’s devastating tornado demolished many homes, businesses and University buildings here in West Tennessee.

(see pictures of dorms here -It is an absolute miracle that no one living in the dorms died.)