Our front porch barn swallows are back!

Mommy and Daddy barn swallow have returned to the nest they built on our front porch last year!  We are excited to welcome them back for another Spring and Summer on our porch.  -Hope this year’s brood is as cute as last years…

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  1. Hi. I live in Canada. This is the first time that we have had barn swallows nest on our porch. Every year they have looked for a spot & I don’t know much about them so I put up a bird house.
    Low & behold they build the mud nest right on top of the house .

    They both sit on my porch rail & are not afraid of us .I let my 2 dogs out who don’t even bother with the birds.
    My porch light goes off & on at night & they still seem happy.
    I love them

    A lot of people say get rid of nest ,messy.
    Well I would rather sit on my one chair(the other furniture is now covered with blankets & plastic) & watch them all day . I worry about them & hope the baby’s will hatch without no other birds stealing the eggs .Thank you for your web site. Its good to hear someone else likes these beutifull birds

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