Marching to his own drummer!!!!!

Like Lettuce? Try Tanimura & Antle’s new ‘living lettuce,’ incredibly fresh and tasty my friends!

I just ate the best tasting lettuce that I think I have ever eaten.  It was a little, loose-leafed kind of lettuce (The grower’s website says that the lettuce was  “Butter (Boston) lettuce),” which came in a special package through which you could see that the lettuce was lucky enough to still have it’s whole root system in tact as it sat on the Wal-Mart shelf awaiting me. (this allows one to keep his or her lettuce in the ‘fridge fresher for longer and to use as needed, I’ve learned.) Intrigued by this lettuce with roots, I visited the producer’s website, and found a very neat site about an exciting little produce company and their innovative hydroponic lettuce production and distribution system, the following is an excerpt, but I’d visit their site if you’re really interested:

“Tanimura & Antle Living Lettuce is grown on water in greenhouses that have been built and designed specifically for live lettuce operations. Using the naturally efficient process of deep water floating raft technology, the lettuce floats on top of a large body of water that maintains consistent thermal properties.Our greenhouse locations are chosen for proximity to market requiring fewer food miles. And each facility is ergonomically designed for employee efficiency and operational ease. Tanimura & Antle hydroponically grown Living Lettuce allows us to provide year round consistent quality produce.”

Click Here to see Tanimura and Antle  CEO, Rick Antle speaking at CMA’s fresh Summit 2008 in Orlando, FL, about “living lettuce” and a few other very interesting new and innovative products.