Donnell Century Farm in Spring Creek, Madison County, Tennessee has local, hormone-free beef in West Tennessee

If you live in West Tennessee and would like to try locally raised, hormone-free angus beef, I suggest you contact the Donnell Century Farm, located in the Spring Creek Community of Madison County, near Jackson, Tennessee by clicking or calling the numbers below, or visit their booth at the Jackson, TN West Tennessee Farmers Market:

Donnell Century Farm All-Natural Angus Beef Email: email us here
Andrew & Jessica Donnell
3764 Hwy 70E
Jackson, TN 38305
(731) 427-3059 h
(731) 693-1676 c

2 Responses

  1. Thank-you very much for telling people about my beef.
    Give me a call sometime or come see me at the farmers market

  2. This looks like a great farm – in a bid to support small-medium-sized independent farms we have started Home Grown Cow. Any meat or poultry farm can sign up. It’s free, and we’ve been thrilled with the response so far. We’re still a work in progress but we are open for new farms in Tennessee and beyond (just not yet for customers). Please check us out at

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