Video of US Congressman, Ron Paul, M.D. in 1988, 20 years ago, passionately standing up for the same beliefs he supports today.

Ron Paul has:

-been a U.S. Congressman for 17 years, from 1979-1985 and from 1997 to present;

He has been a Flight Surgeon in the U.S. Air Force from 1963-1965, and a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air National Guard from 1965-1968; been married to the same woman for 50 years;-Never voted to raise taxes; Never voted for an unbalanced budget; Never taken a government paid junket;

Never voted to increase the power of the executive branch; Never voted to restrict gun ownership;

Voted against the Patriot Act;

Voted against regulating the Internet; Voted against the Iraq War;

Does not participate in the lucrative Congressional pension program;

Returns a portion of his annual Congressional office budget to the U.S. Treasury every year; been a ‘Distinguished counselor’ to the Ludwig von Mises Institute;

delivered more than 4,000 babies; written 2 books:

  • Challenge to Liberty: The Case for Gold by Ron Paul
  • A Republic, If You Can Keep It by Ron Paul
  • Dr. Paul’s consistent voting record prompted one Congressman to comment that “Ron Paul personifies the Founding Fathers’ ideal of the citizen-statesman. He makes it clear that his principles will never be compromised, and they never are.” Another Congresswoman added that “There are few people in public life who, through thick and thin, rain or shine, stick to their principles. Ron Paul is one of those few.”

“It is not we non-interventionists who are isolationists. The real isolationists are those who impose sanctions and embargoes on countries and peoples across the globe and who chose to use force overseas to promote democracy…a counterproductive approach that actually leads the U.S. to be more resented and more isolated in the world.”–Ron Paul
“Peace is not the absence of conflict. It is the ability to handle conflict through peaceful means.” -Ronald Reagan

Politics is the art of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable. -John Kenneth Galbraith

“Politics is the art of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.
-John Kenneth Galbraith

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy. -U.S. Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, M.D.

“The greatest threat facing America today is not terrorism, or foreign

economic competition, or illegal immigration. The greatest threat

facing America today is the disastrous fiscal policies of our own

government, marked by shameless deficit spending and Federal Reserve

currency devaluation. It is this one-two punch -Congress spending

more than it can tax or borrow, and the Fed printing money to make up

the difference -that threatens to impoverish us by further destroying

the value of our dollars.”

“Unfortunately no one in Washington, especially those who defend the

poor and the middle class, cares about this subject. Instead, all we

hear is that tax cuts for the rich are the source of every economic

ill in the country. Anyone truly concerned about the middle class

suffering from falling real wages, under-employment, a rising cost of

living, and a decreasing standard of living should pay a lot more

attention to monetary policy.”

-Texas Congressman Ron Paul, M.D., April 10, 2007

People have hope:

“The official national debt figure, now approaching $9 trillion,

reflects only what the federal government owes in current debts on

money already borrowed…It does not reflect what the federal

government has promised to pay millions of Americans in entitlement

benefits down the road…Those future obligations put our real debt

figure at roughly fifty trillion dollars -a staggering sum that is

about as large as the total household net worth of the entire United

States…Your share of this fifty trillion amounts to about $175,000.”

-Texas Congressman Ron Paul, M.D. March 6, 2007

CNNMoney (See original article here.) By Brian O’Keefe, senior editor, quoting Jim Rogers on the US economy right now:

“Conceivably we could have just had recession, hard times, sliding dollar, inflation, etc., but I’m afraid it’s going to be much worse,” he says. “Bernanke is printing huge amounts of money. He’s out of control and the Fed is out of control. We are probably going to have one of the worst recessions we’ve had since the Second World War. It’s not a good scene.”

(The central bank’s second interest rate cut in a week raises the risk of inflation and bails out the banks.)

(Interest rate cut=increased money supply=inflation=hard times for poor and working families)

Rogers looks at the Fed’s willingness to add liquidity to an already inflationary environment and sees the history of the 1970s repeating itself. Does that mean stagflation? “It is a real danger and, in fact, a probability.”

Abraham Lincoln pleads for America to “achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves, and with all nations.” Plus!Newly discovered photos from Lincoln’s Second Inauguration speech in 1865.

NPR’s has a great piece on recently uncovered photos of Lincoln’s second inauguration speech (click here to see the photos):

“With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan — to do all which may achieve and cherish, a just and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with the world. all nations.6” (Abraham Lincoln, 2nd Inauguration speech, March 4, 1865, source: Library of Congress)

Click here to read the speech.

Click here to see a manuscript of the speech.

AP Photos and video still frames taken from Sep-Aug 2006 inside Lebanon after bombing.

Red Cross Ambulence bombed in Lebanon 2006 AP photoWhat happened here? why? AP Photo why?Beirut Bombed 2006 AP photoBeirut 2006 summer, why? AP Photobaby refugee Lebanon 2006 AP photowriting a letter with a smile and parent's approval Lebanon bombing 2006, AP photoisreali children with parent, marker, bombs? AP photo 2006praying by a tank? Lebanon 2006 AP photIsreali soldiers in Lebanon 2006 AP photo? Lebanon 2006 AP photogrieving mother, Lebanon 2006 AP photoBaby, Lebanon 2006 AP photolost son for what? Lebanon 2006 AP photoa line up, Lebanon 2006 AP photoMass Grave, Lebanon 2006, AP photomass grave2 Lebanon 2006 AP photonablus ministry in Lebanon 2006, AP photocasualty of war, Lebanon 2006 AP photojust cause? Lebanon 2006 AP photowhat did my son do? Lebanon 2006 AP photomy daughter! Lebanon 2006, AP photoA precious child of God. Lebanon 2006, AP photowhy God? Lebanon 2006, AP photowhy? Lebanon 2006, AP photowhy? Lebanon 2006, AP photowhy did this happen? AP photo Lebanon 2006