Everyone should get a flu shot.

not funny

I went and got my flu shot today,

thanks to flucliniclocator.com.

The various strains of influenza virus, which spread throughout our population each year, are far more deadly than most people realize, and even cases which do not end in death often cause great losses in productivity and wages every year. According to one source, “Influenza was responsible for the most devastating plague in human history — the “Spanish” flu that swept around the world in 1918 killing 675,000 people in the U.S. and an estimated 20–50 million people worldwide. (A disease that attacks a large fraction of the population in every region of the world is called a pandemic.) (It is uncertain where the flu first appeared, but it certainly wasn’t in Spain.)”

From what I have been reading, it is a good idea for as many people in the population as possible to get one each year to better protect the group as a whole from the most deadly strains of the virus. The American Lung Association runs an online flu shot clinic locator, visit the site and find the nearest flu innoculation site for you, today.

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