US B-52 “mistakenly” flies 6 live nuclear warheads over central US!!!!

I could not believe this story when I read it today.


In a story first reported by Military Times newspapers, at, and then later at The Washington Post, government officials have confirmed that a crew of US service men and women mistakenly flew 6 nuclear war heads, mounted on cruise missles beneath a “Stratofortress Bomber” from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2007….

Absolutely unacceptable. No excuse. Not good enough. Embarasing.

What’s worse is, CNN reports that, according to retired US Air Force major General Don Sheppard, “the United States had agreed in a Cold War-era treaty not to fly nuclear weapons. “…”It appears that what happened was this treaty agreement was violated,”

The scary world just keeps getting scarier, maybe Pentagon Press Secretary, Geoff Morrell could tell us why today.

Bento Boy Here.

hello kitty bentoAmerica, meet the Bento Box. –“Waste Less, Spend Less, Eat Well!” –That is the slogan for ‘Laptoplunches: Bentoware for Everywhere,’ where DW recently ordered a “laptop bento”, which I now covet.

When I first saw it I laughed and thought, “that is tiny, what kind of a lunch could you even get in there. (Click here to see 100 pics of what people are packing)” But then I watched over several days as she continued to pack marvelous creations of artistic and culinary wonderment day after day and began to grow jealous. She was eating healthier and having fun doing it.

Not to mention, it allowed her to avoid generating unnecessary plastic and paper baggie waste everyday this week.

And the truth is, it really controls your portions and helps you eat healthier foods during your workday by giving you an alternative to “just grabbing a bag of chips” or convenient processed foods and fast food.

The sad truth is, I have weighed 165lbs. for the past 10 years and suddenly I am over 180lbs. for the first time in my life, and I know I feel better when I eat better, so why not make the effort?

….So, the bento era has begun……thinner me, here I come!